Amazon Lightsail Cloud
Digital Ocean Cloud
Cloud Hosting
Fully Managed Cloud
Fully Managed Cloud
HostingRaja is the leading managed cloud hosting service provider in India, Providing support for more than 1,50,000 websites in India.
Apache or Ngnix
Choose Apache or Ngnix
We provide varnish cache server configured with optional Apache and Ngnix as a web server.
Managing 150,000+ Websites
Managing 150,000+ Websites
HostingRaja proudly managing more than 1,50,000 websites in India. Our platform hosts more than 150,000 websites across various technologies.
Optimized for speed
Optimized for Speed
Our team of experts can help in optimizing the website for speed. We can ensure that, your website loads within 2 seconds and results in revenue increase.
MultiCloud & Cloud Migration
MultiCloud & Cloud Migration
We have helped 100+ customers in reducing the cloud cost by efficient cloud strategies. We also help you to migrate your cloud server.
Control Panel
Ready to use with Control Panel
We provide ready to use cloud instances with pre-installed control panel and all the necessary software preinstalled.
Realtime malware injection scan
Realtime Malware Injection Scan
Our proprietary software and platform can help in mitigating the malware injection in Linux platform, Mainly designed to prevent PHP web applications.
Multiple PHP support
Multiple PHP Support
Our average response time is 2 hour time
and our average ticket resolution time is 6 hours.
Full root ssh access
Full root/ssh access
You get complete control over your server using RDP/SSH connection for both Windows and Linux cloud servers.
Cloud Strategy
We work on the concept of "Success of cloud infrastructure is 20% skills and 80% strategy". We define holistic cloud strategy, Where we connect multiple goals of the customers together to come up with excellent outcome using our years of experience. Our cloud hosting experts can help you to come up with a multi-cloud strategy combined with your own infrastructure for better performance. We have proven experience in building cloud hosting solutions that have helped our clients in running cloud infrastructure better & secure way.

Why to Buy from

Cloud Hosting

Benefits of Buying Cloud from HostingRaja Buying from Digital Ocean or Amazon Lightsail,...
You get ready to use cloud server, It means when the server is delivered to you, You start using the server with out doing any setup work
You need to hire a server administrator or You have to spend a considerable amount of time in setting up the server.
Setup and installation of your cloud instances taken care by team of experts.
You have to rely on the in-house team members to execute the work.
Everyone knows, How crucial the cloud server security is nowadays. Our team of security experts fine-tune your servers against most of the common issues. Your server comes with Firewall and multiple other enhance security features.
NO Firewall, No default security.
Setup and installation of Controlpanel, Which is the most important thing for any web developers or Organization to maintain the server.
It does not have any control panel or application to manage your server.
You get fully managed support for your critical issues or problems. Our team experts maintain more than 10,000 servers, So we know how to resolve your issues in best possible way.
You need to hire a team or build a in-house team for support, Which is quite expensive.
Pay in INR with GST & Invoice for 100% tax compliance.
Pay in $ (USA dollars) with some vendors and you are liable to pay additional 10.05% TDS.
Create your Cloud Instance in minutes